Align-Pilates C* Series Reformer Mat Converter

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Align-Pilates C* Series Reformer Mat Converter

This mat converter for your C Series reformer is a simple addition that allows you to create a flat bed for exercises. The C* Mat Convertor requires you to also use the C* Platform extender which we also supply (SKU - PAPMATC1PE) so you can slot the mat convertor into place to create a flat bed along the length of the reformer. This stops the carriage from sliding back and forth. This creates over 2m of flat bed from which you can perform a wide range of exercises.

Why Create the Flat Bed?

Traditional gym-based Pilates was mat based due to the expense and sheer bulk of the reformers. Performing exercises on the floor is easy, but adding a flat surface to the reformer allows you to perform the same exercises and then use for spring resistance from the reformer. Also with the leg extensions you can raise the height of the bed, meaning this is great for older users or for rehab.

C1 & C2 Mat Converter for Reformers

This simple mat converter allows you to create a flat bed on your C-Series Align Pilates reformer. Of marine ply, with a quality tear-resistant padded surface, this accessory stops the carriage from moving and allows to perform exercises that you would usually use a floor mat for. This is great if you have a bad back and struggle to get down to the floor, or are in rehab.

This mat converter increase the versatility of your reformer, but you will need to use in conjunction with the Platform Extender. You can then also use with the A2 wall mounted half Cadillac to add additional repertoire.

Key Features

  • Ply board with anti slip feet
  • Padding is abrasion resistant vinyl - using EVA foam
  • Fits all C-Series Align Pilates Reformers
  • Weighs 11kg
  • Dimensions: 104.5cm (L) x 60cm (W) x 8.7cm (H)
More Information
Weight 11kg
Equipment Usage Home & Light Commercial Use
Warranty Metal Frame & welded Components - 10 years, Wooden Frames, Gear Bar and Foot Bar mechanisms - 5 years, other non wear & tear - 2 years, Ropes, Straps, Spring Clips, Handles, Fuzzies, Wheels, foot straps, Rotational Discs & Non foam rollers - 1 year, Spri
Additional Features Convert your C1 or C1R Pilates reformer into a completely flat bed
Length Dimensions 104.5cm
Width Dimensions 60cm
Height Dimensions 8.7cm
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