NOHrD Stainless Steel Eau Me Board

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Add a little style to your gym and difficulty to your balance and core exercises. This is a superb constantly shifting (thanks to the water) balance board that will fit in any home gym.

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eau me board steel nohrd
eau me board steel nohrd NOHrD Stainless Steel Eau Me Board NOHrD Stainless Steel Eau Me Board NOHrD Stainless Steel Eau Me Board

NOHrD Stainless Steel Eau Me Board

Superbly stylish, the staniless steel Eau Me Board from NOHrD provides you with both a core and balance workout with it's unique design. Clever design means the ever-shifting water inside the Eau Me creates an unpredictable change in balance as you stand on top. This engages more of your muscles as you try to maintain balance.

The Stanless Steel Core & Balance Trainer

The Steel Eau Me Board is also available in a wood finish. Choose from Ash, Club, Cherry or Walnut. A nice touch is the fact you can dye the water to whatever colour you wish and the steel top of this model would fit in with existing wood or steel NOHrD and WaterRower equipment you own.

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eau me board

The Stainless Steel Eau Me Board

In essence this is simply a balance board, or wobble board, at heart . But NOHrD have engineered so that the Eau Me Board contains water that is allowed to shift around. As the water constantly moves, so you are reacting and trying to balance which means the water shifts again. Unlike say a BOSU, the ever-shifting water creates more of a dynamic balance board.

It comes as standard with it's eye catching design and is designed to help with your core, overall balance and also to engage deep muscles as you become more experienced.

It's incredibly easy to use, but from experience it is very difficult to truly master. Engaging a wide range of muscles whatever your fitness level you can benefit from the Eau Me board. As well as being able to stand on it, you can also use for press-ups, planks, one foot lunges and lots more.

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Choosing Your Eau Me Board?

All Eau Me Boards are the same design. But as well as the stainless steel upper plate model, you can choose from the 6 wood finishes. Whether you already have your NOHrD gym equipment or just want this to fit in with other features in your studio or home you have the following options for the top platform :

wood finishes

Why Use A Balance Board?

  • Will imrpove your balance very quickly
  • Great for lots of core exercising
  • Can improve your posture as you become more experienced
  • Will isolate core muscles and deep muscular system
  • Can helps reduce lower back pain
  • Lots of different exercises possible - not just standing on it!
  • Easy and fun way to work out

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NOHrD, Core Conditioning

More Information
Equipment Usage Home & Commercial Use
Additional Features Ability to add water dye - to tailor your water colour
Max User Weight 300kg
Length (Width) Dimensions 64cm
Height Dimensions 18cm
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