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Loumet Gym Balls (1kg - 10kg)

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These are premium quality Loumet gym balls which are a hybrid between a medicine ball and slam ball. With these you can throw, catch, slam them, whatever you wish to do. Ideal for ever popular cross fit training routines, these Loumet gym balls are in demand and are widely used by athletes, trainers, studios and clubs. They receive excellent feedback due to their superiority in terms of durability and performance.

These medicine balls come in various weights from 1-10kg, they are easy to hold and the best way to think of them is as a heavy duty medicine ball which will semi bounce.

To slam or not to slam? With Loumet Medicine Balls you definitely can!

Loumet Gym Balls (1kg - 10kg)

Loumet Gym Balls (1kg - 10kg)

They are a very current product due to the increase in popularity of "cross-fit"  medicine ball drills such as slams or wall thrusters. However lower cost medicine balls generally are not durable enough. Hence why we introduced this well constructed higlhy durable range.

  • Loumet Medicine Balls are the most durable and reliable medicine ball currently on the market today.
  • They are designed and manufactured to be used on all solid surfaces.
  • Slam after slam, the Loumet medicine ball has been field tested and proven to keep bouncing right back at you for more.
  • They combine the strength of a dead-ball (non-bouncing med ball) with the bounce of a medicine ball.
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