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Medicine Ball Rebounder (Improved Design)

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Engineered to work in conjunction with your set of Medicine Balls, the Jordan medicine ball rebounder has an adjustable angle and self storage for up to 8 medicine balls. The Jordan medicine ball rebounder is ideal for the medicine ball beginner as well as exercises for rehabilitation purposes.

With an overall height of 80cm, a width of 101cm, a depth of 128cm and a diameter of 97cm, learn to do a multitude of exercises with this medicine ball rebounder. It is perfect for improving coordination and core strength to key or specific muscle groups.

Medicine Ball Rebounder (Improved Design)

Med Ball Re-bounder

This Medicine Ball Rebounder is perfect for medicine ball beginner and rehabilitation exercises. It has an adjustable angle so simply throw balls at it and watch them come back! It is great when training in pairs and small groups or for use as a circuit station in larger group sessions.

What can it they be used for?

  • Plyometric exercises to develop upper body strength and reactions. Perform chest throws and overhead tricep throws.
  • Core exercises - Woodchops or kneeling slams and twists.
  • Single arm throws to improve rotator cuff function
  • Improving reaction speed, balance and hand eye co-ordination

* Please note - Medicine balls are not included

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