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Hatton PU CoolFlow Fitness Gloves (Pair)

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If you like your boxing, you'll probably know all about getting hot hands as you increase the intensity. This pair of Cool Flow fitness gloves from the Hatton Pro boxing range are designed specifically to help try and keep those hands cooler. The Cool Flow mesh in the palm area of the glove will help to let sweat and heat out of the fist of the glove, helping to keep your hands cooler.

Hatton Pro Boxing Gloves

For pad work or punch bag workouts, continuous punching and movement will ensure you get a sweat up. The Hatton PU CoolFlow fitness gloves have been made to a very high quality as well as being extremely comfortable to punch in. They have a polyurethane (PU) outer layer that is hard wearing and easy to clean. The mesh will allow a lot more heat and sweat out of your fist over other gloves, allowing you to keep your cool. The white finish just adds a stylish touch.

Hatton PU CoolFlow Fitness Gloves (Pair)
Hatton PU CoolFlow Fitness Gloves (Pair) Hatton PU CoolFlow Fitness Gloves (Pair) Hatton PU CoolFlow Fitness Gloves (Pair)

Pair of PU CoolFlow Gloves

Hatton Pro is all about boxing. Not only that, it's about quality boxing equipment that includes gloves, mitts, bags and accessories like hand wraps. This pair of PU CoolFlow fitness gloves are great for those who want to use boxing training to increase heart rate, build in cardio and speed work and generally use for fitness rather than preparing to fight. A high quality PU (polyurethane) glove in white, you get a range of weights from 8oz to 14oz.

The Cool Flow mesh design is designed purely to try and help keep your hands cool and wick away sweat during a long or heavy session. This will ensure you are more comfortable - which in turn means you can probably workout longer and harder that with a traditional pair of closed gloves.

Benefits of Boxing Training

Providing you with an excellent cardio workout, you can also count strength, stamina, hand speed, balance and co-ordination benefits as you get in to the various different punches and moves. Then add in some footwork you'll soon feel your calves, hamstrings and quads starting to feel it. You can choose to either workout with a partner (using hand mitts and focus pads) or pick a bag and do you own workout. Some of the best workouts combine both to give you a really good sweat.

Key Features

  • Polyurethane outer layer
  • Cool Flow mesh in palm
  • Good padding for comfort
  • 8oz to 14oz weight gloves

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More Information
Weight 1kg
Equipment Usage Home & Club Use
Made From Polyurethane - PU
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