Gym Gear Dual Series Inner / Outer Thigh Machine

For targetting those adductor and abductor muscles, the Dual Series Inner and Outer Thigh machine from gym Gear is a hard act to beat. Commercial-grade, it offers value for money and saves you space with it's small footprint. Perfect for studio gyms or home gyms.

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Gym Gear Dual Series Inner Outer Thigh Machine

Gym Gear Dual Series Inner / Outer Thigh Machine


Using an adductor and abductor machine is great for working those inner and outer thigh muscles safely. The Gym Gear Dual Series Inner and Outer Thigh machine helps you to control the weight your using so you can use for either strength or for rehab with safety. With over 100kg in the weight stack, there's enough weight for beginners and advanced users alike.

This Dual Series range of gym equipment is strong and sturdy, hence it's commercial grade tag and a lifetime warranty for the frame. You can benefit from the great price they offer to build yourself a unique home gym that combines key machines and free weights so that you cover all exercise you need to get fit.

Dual Use Inner / Outer Thigh Machine

Whether you are a gym, hotel or wanting a home gym, strength equipment is great to target specific muscle groups. This dual function machine offers exactly that - the targeting of a small muscle group. The Dual Use Inner / Outer Thigh machine is part of the Gym gear commercial strength range and helps you to target the adductor and abductor muscles specifically.

In effect you are buying two machines in one meaning both abductor and adductor muscles can be worked. It comes with a sturdy frame and the 113kg weight stack make it ideal for all environments. The inner and outer thigh muscles play an important role during many sports and activities where turning or twisting is involved so it is important to build strength here to prevent injury.

Key Features

  • Dual function minimises space required
  • Electrostatic powder-coated frame
  • Aircraft Spec 5mm Cable for strength
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Knee pads pivot for inner / outer thigh exercises
  • Adjustable back pad for comfort
  • Weight Stack: 113kg / 250lbs
  • Lifetime Warranty on the Frame
More Information
Weight 99kg
Equipment Usage Home & Commercial Use
Warranty Standard 5 Years Frame Warranty. 1 Year Labour Warranty.
Made From 2.5 - 2.75mm by 30 x 60mm to 50 x 100mm square tubing, electro-welded to maximum integrity.
Additional Features Poly-foam pads. Rotating knee support. Instruction placard to illustrate start / finish position together with used muscles.
Adjustment Type Adjustable thigh pads and start position.
Weight Stacks 113kg / 250lbs
Length Dimensions 161cm
Width Dimensions 72cm
Height Dimensions 152cm
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