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Cormax Grenades

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Looking for a versatile fitness accessory that can help you with your training and various other exercises? The Cormax Grenades are inflatable bags that can be filled with water to create a hand held weight. A smaller version of the Cormax Commander, the Grenades are light and compact and you can fill them with up to 6kg of water providing a unique weight for working out with.

Why Choose the Grenades?

You're probably wondering why you don't just buy dumbbells instead? The beauty of the Cormax range is the ability to change the weight simply by adding or removing water. The movement of the water inside creates instability which will engage surrounding muscles during standard exercises. This is functional training at it's best as working out with these will target your core, work your arms, lats, obliques and more - the choice is yours.

Cormax Grenades
Cormax Grenades Cormax Grenades Cormax Grenades Cormax Grenades

A Cardio Workout with CorMax Grenades

Whether you're looking for a high intensity cardio workout or just to pick off specific exercises that you can use these Grenades for, the beauty lies in their versatility and the fact you can change the weight and the difficulty using just water. The very tough bag has been thoroughly tested to ensure it's integrity along with the handles that are on the top of each one. Buying as a pair you can instantly see the exercise options that could be open to you.

What Types of Exercises?

With the easy to grip handles, you can use for bicep curls, tricep extensions, swinging, pulling and pushing exercises. Coupled with the static exercises, if you have the Grenades half filled with water you also have the dynamic motion and sloshing of the water to contend with. This helps to engage additional muscles around the ones you are specifically targeting.

This moving water means you have to arrest inertia inside the Grenade during your exercise movement. Depending on the exercise you're doing, this will therefore increase fitness levels as well as help to increase your core strength.

Key Features

  • The Grenades come as a pair.
  • Dimensions are diameter 16cm x length 28cm
  • Will hold up to 6kg water (each)
  • Available colours: Black or Grey/Silver

Other colours are available, please get in touch for more information.

More Information
Weight 6kg
Equipment Usage Home & Commercial Use
Length (Width) Dimensions 28cm
Width (Depth) Dimensions 16cm
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