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Club Core Half Foam Roller - 3" x 38" (Blue)

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Buy the club core foam half roller 3" x 38" here on our leading gym equipment site. Foam rollers are a popular training accessory but many people are unsure exactly what they do. They can be used for a variety of training and rehabilitation purposes. The half roll in particular is a great tool for balance and stabilisation training. It can also be used for stretching and massage.

Inexpensive, yet durable, the club foam half roller is popular with  fitness instructors, physios and personal trainers but can be used by anyone at home. This is a high quality roller designed to last so why not buy yours here on the site today. Please note this is a 6 inch roll cut in half so measures approximately 3 inches in diameter.

Club Core Half Foam Roller - 3" x 38" (Blue)

Club Half Roller

This club quality half foam roller measures 38" in length. It is effectively a 6 inch diameter roll cut in half. The half rolls are great for balance training and massage or stretching exercises. Perform squats or lunges whilst standing on the half roll and you will really notice your core stabilising muscles having to work. If you have tight muscles then you can use this for a gentle sports massage. Many athletes with tight IT bands use foam rollers to help relieve this.

This foam roller is manufactured from closed cell PE recovery memory foam and is designed not to lose its shape. Most conventional foam rollers are made from polystyrene foam and will indent when knelt or stood on. With this model any indentations will recover after 24 hours. It is easy to clean and comes in an attractive swirl blue colour.

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