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Exercise Bikes

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Why Choose an Exercise Bike?

With so many models and variations of the exercise bike, it may be hard to know which one to choose to buy. But are you sure you want an exercise bike? What about a cross trainer or a treadmill? At our first question would always be to ask you what exercise you want to do and how you want to achieve your goals.

Exercise bikes are consistently the most favoured piece of equipment in gyms and in homes across the UK (especially when you see stylish bikes like the NOHrD Bike), probably because there is no need for you to learn how to use them and they provide a low impact workout at an intensity of your choice. There are a range of benefits if you workout on a bike, giving you a great leg and cardio workout. So simply sit down, start pedalling and you're working out!

Why Workout Using a Bike?

If you want to lose weight, tone your body, reduce your chances of heart disease and also feel happier, then working out is one of the best ways you can achieve all those things for less than hour of your time a day. A cardiovascular workout is proven to help reduce diseases and illnesses ranging from heart disease to high blood pressure. Weight loss comes from you not only burning the calories as you workout, but from the additional benefit of kick starting your metabolism. Finally, the exercise you do benefits your overall fitness in that you have more energy and "get up and go".

The other major reason for choosing a bike is that the exercise you do is very low impact. This means as exercise goes, the pressure on your joints and knees is very low reducing the chances of injury or aggravating old niggles. This is especially important if you are getting back into fitness, or are overweight and trying to lose those pounds. So if you have had a sports injury and want to get back into fitness, choose a bike to get started!

What Features to Get?

Buying an exercise bike is still the most common first purchase of exercise equipment for many. But in order to prevent it becoming a work of art in the corner, or worse still a clothes hanger make sure it comes with the features you want and need to keep motivated.

Upright or Recumbent?

Both have benefits and drawbacks and both give you a cardio workout. For many shoppers the choice will boil down to personal taste.

The upright bike is just that, upright! Easy to use and the seat and handle bars are exactly where you'd expect them to be.

The Recumbent design is the bike where you sit in a seat and have the pedals out in front of you.  So in effect you recline slightly in the seat and the pedals are inline with your bottom. As you don't need to lean forward over the handlebars, this design may be good for those who have, or have had, back problems.


With most decent exercise bikes you will get a monitor or speed/distance unit to help you see how far you've been and how long you are training for. If you're serious about your training, this is probably essential as will help you to keep a tab on how you're training. The more expensive the bike, the more sophisticated the monitor, to the point at which you can track speed, calories, resistance, distance, heart rate, expected distance and surf the internet all at the same time!

For some, the monitor is THE one thing that keeps them working out as you can set goals, beat your previous best and see how many calories you are burning. All motivating stuff.

Ability to Adjust

Make sure you can adjust both the seat and also the handlebars. This will ensure you can get a comfortable position for as long as you're working out.

Secondly, the resistance for pedalling. Having complete control over the degree of resistance means you can vary the intensity of your workout. This will be vitally important for most people, so make sure you check how this works.


This may not matter to you, but if you do some road cycling, then you may want to check what attachment mechanism comes with the pedals. Some exercise bikes now come with the option to have the fast clip in-out, so this might make your life simpler and give you more control when pedalling.


Sounds daft, but make sure the bike you want is suitable for your weight. This will not be of importance if you are under 200lbs, but above that make sure you look carefully at the maximum weight the bike is made to support.


Finally, with most models and manufacturers (and all the ones we work with) your bike will come with a warranty Check this carefully to ensure it covers you adequately as this will ensure if anything goes wrong from a manufacturing point of view (cracked pipe, broken weld joint, fraying cables etc) you will get at the very least a replacement part free of charge.