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BOSU Balance Trainer (Commercial Model)

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The brilliant BOSU balance trainer commercial version is the one to choose if you are a health club/gym manager or exercise professional who will be using the BOSU on a day to day basis. Built to a higher standard than the home version, it's designed to be durable enough to withstand regular use in a commercial environment. Superb for core and stability exercises, there are a complete range of exercises you can perform.

BOSU commercial
BOSU commercial BOSU Balance Trainer (Commercial Model)

Commercial BOSU Balance Trainer

The BOSU balance trainer commercial model is quite simply a fantastic piece of functional training equipment that can be used by anyone and adds extra challenge to your workouts. The instability it causes trains your stabilising and core muscles more effectively than standing on the floor. Used by athletes, everyday exercisers and for rehabilitation purposes the BOSU is an essential piece of kit.

What Can the BOSU do For You?

Those who have used the BOSU balance trainer before will know exactly what it can do for you. Simple and effective, it adds variety to your workout and will challenge even the most advanced exercisers. In basic terms, the BOSU works by creating an unstable surface from which you can perform exercises on. This trains your balance, stabilisers and core muscles more than simply performing an exercise on the gym floor.

It can be used for Sports Conditioning, Agility Training, Strength and Flexibility and much more. It is popular with Personal Trainers, Physios and professional athletes. Try lunges, squats or jumps on to the Bosu and you will feel just how difficult they are!

Please note: This model comes with the BOSU & Pump only so is ideal for Clubs/Instructors who know exactly how to use it or have already purchased the training manual or video. The maximum loading for the BOSU Balance Trainer is 136kg (300lbs).

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Weight 1kg
Equipment Usage Home Use
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Commercial BOSU Balance Trainer

This Balance Trainer package is for Personal Trainers, Health Clubs, Physio's, professionals in the health and fitness industry and advanced fitness users.

This model is made of a high grade material that is more durable than the standard home model.

Key Features

Use BOSU for :

  • Sports Conditioning (both aerobic and anaerobic)
  • Stabilization
  • Agility Training
  • Strength
  • Stability
  • Flexibility Training for the Trunk
  • Strength for the Entire Body

Maximum loading is 300lb (136kg).Comprises BOSU and pump only - ideal for Clubs/Instructors who have had some BOSU training or have already purchased the Training Manual/Video.


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