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  1. 5 Essential Pieces of Gym Equipment

    5 Essential Pieces of Gym Equipment

    With so many pieces of gym equipment to choose from it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed and just stick to what you’ve always used. Here we've selected some key

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  2. Your Options for Home Exercise Equipment

    Your Options for Home Exercise Equipment

    What type of home exercise equipment are you looking for?  There are all sorts of options available, limited only by your budget, your space, and your needs. So check our guide now to get a flavour of the types of equipment you may be looking for.

    Whether you are buying exercise equipment for the home or for a commercial facility, the same rules apply – you need to know what it is you are looking for, know the options available, and have a good idea of prices.

    The First Thought - Cardio Machines

    The most expensive types of exercise equipment are generally cardio machines. With lots of lots of moving parts, they can take a high level of abuse and typically have some fairly sophisticated electronic accessories attached.

    From treadmills to steppes, climbers to rowers, stationary bikes to cross-trainers, there are plenty of options for cardio machines.  While people often debate which one is "best”, the honest answer is that there are no absolutes.

    Treadmills, bikes, and steppers primarily work the lower body, while rowers, climbers and cross trainers can work both, but that is not the be all and end all of a good workout.

    What Do You Actually Enjoy?

    In many ways, the ultimate question is what do you like doing? 

    While a gym or health club will need a variety of machines to cater for all clients and

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  3. Guide to Suspension Training

    Guide to Suspension Training

    Easy to transport, take on holiday, or use in the park if there's some bars handy, suspension training equipment makes this  a great choice for trainers,

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