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  1. 8 Benefits Of Taking Part In A Spin Class

    spin bikes

    It’s highly likely you’ve heard a lot about spin classes. It’s also likely that you’ve heard some great things about them too. But you may be left wondering how sit

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  2. The Data Driven Indoor Cycling Class

    The Data Driven Indoor Cycling Class

    Technology is already changing the way we live and work and it’s also changing the way we keep fit.

    An example is the group cycling class

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  3. Technogym Breaks a Guinness World Record!

    Technogym Breaks a Guinness World Record!

    What Record Did They Break? On Saturday 26th November 2016 Technogym broke the Guinness World record for 'most mechanical energy produced by pedalling on static bicycles in one hour'.

    How Did They Do It?

    This took place in Dubai and involved 300 cyclists pedalling on 105 Group Cycle bikes. They each pedalled in shifts lasting 20 minutes each. They managed to amass an incredible energy output of 8999kWh.

    Technogym also turned the world’s tallest building-the Burj Khalifa into the world’s tallest fitness console. They achieved this by using their MyWellness cloud platform to project the energy being produced in real time on the outside of the building.

    What is the Technogym Group Cycle?


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  4. The Art of Group Cycling

    The Art of Group Cycling

    Group Cycling is a really popular activity at most gyms and health clubs and you may even have your own indoor bike at home, but are you getting the most out of your workout?

    Here we examine some common spinning mistakes.

    The Position of your Bike

    Saddle Height

    The position of the bike is absolutely crucial, if it’s wrong you won’t get the full rotation space to work the muscle groups in your legs properly. To get the saddle height right, stand next to the bike with your leg lifted to 90 degrees. The saddle should be parallel with the top of your thigh.

    When you start pedalling you will know it is right if you have a slight bend in your knee when your foot is in the lowest part of the pedal stroke. If your knee is heavily bent your saddle is too high which will mean you are over working your quads and not working all the muscle groups in your legs.


    The handlebars should be parallel with your saddle. You will initially think that this is too low but when you start the spinning workout any higher and they will get in the way.

    Only Using Your Legs

    Spinning is great for your legs but don’t forget your core. When you come up out of sitting position engage your core which will put less weight on your arms. This will ensure that you work through the whole leg and don’t get injured.


    If you are new to spinning and you are doing it in a class at the gym it can be a bit intimidating at first. Try to zone out from everyone and focus on what you are doing and what you want to achieve.  The golden rule is whatever happens don’t stop pedalling!


    No we aren’t talking fashion, but wearing clothes that are suitable for spinning. Shorts for example can cause real chaffing. If you have the choice always opt for clip in shoes than using your trainers. Clip in shoes will give you better momentum as the ride goes on.

    Next Generation of Bikes

    With the increase in popularity, more and more companies are catching on and designing new and improved bikes for the home market as well as the gym. See two of the best bikes we sell.

     two techno group cycles

    Technogym Group Cycle Connect

    In striking yellow or grey, the Technogym Group Cycle tracks your workout including pow

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  5. British Cycling & Success of the Wattbike

    British Cycling & Success of the Wattbike

    Increasing membership, for the first time in the British Cycling’s organisation history, its membership has surpassed 125,000 with a staggering 75,000

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  6. Life Fitness to Acquire ICG - Indoor Cycling Group

    Life Fitness to Acquire ICG - Indoor Cycling Group

    Life Fitness has announced that Brunswick Corporation, Life Fitness’ parent company, has agreed to buy Germany’s Indoor Cycling Group, a key provider of indoor cycling equipment. The agreement has yet to receive final approval from Germany’s competition authority but the deal is expected to be approved.

    Who Are Life Fitness?

    Life Fitness began 40 years ago when they produced the first electronic piece of fitness equipment, the LifeCycle exercise bike. Now they offer over 400 different products used around the world in both commercial and home gyms.

    The Life Fitness portfolio includes Mariner outboard engines, Life Fitness Hammer Strength and Cybex fitness equipment, to name just a few. The exercise bike development has continued with the introduction of the Lifecycle GX, biomechanically designed to create an amazing cycling workout. This bike has been built to last and boasts a bold rear flywheel design.

    So what does the purchase of ICG mean for Life Fitness?

    Life Fitness has had a relationship with ICG for the past 5 years as both companies work in the area of indoor cycling and clearly there has been mutual respect. As the Life Fitness President Chris Clawson

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  7. Wattbike Win Contract with Place for People Leisure

    Wattbike Win Contract with Place for People Leisure

    Wattbike win an exclusive contract with Places for People Leisure. The Wattbike is viewed by many as the best indoor bike you can buy. Many believe it is the closest feeling you will get to cycling on the road and it will measure how you do with the most precise intelligent data.

    The design of the bike was done in partnership with Olympic cyclists, so you know it is the very best. In fact you can measure over 40 parameters about your riding.

    It has now been announced that Wattbike has been appointed as the preferred supplier for indoor cycling equipment for Places for People Leisure which is a three year contract. The procurement process was competitive and it was agreed

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