1. What’s Best - Cable Machines Or Free Weights?

    What’s Best - Cable Machines Or Free Weights?

    This is a question we, and most personal trainers, frequently get asked. Which is better for you, using a cable machine or using free weights? Both are useful in helping to create muscle strength and definition, but in different ways.

    If you know what you are doing in the gym and have had experience with both, you can in fact opt to use both as they are complementary. In fact as you get more expeirenced, you can use them in synergy with each other as they can work the muscles slightly differently. Here we reflect on the pros and cons of both types of weights.

    What Are Cable Machines?

    You will probably be familiar with cable machines that are found in most gyms. They are typically a steel framed structure standing two meters high and three metres wide with weight stacks located on both sides and adjustable pulleys that you can set to any height. Cables run through the pulley and connect to the weight stacks. So you may hear them referred to as the "Cable Crossover"; the "DAP"; or the "Dual Adjustable Pulley". 

    The Benefits Of Cable Machines?

    Cable machines are great if you are working out alone or if you are new to weight training. This is because they help you work your muscles in a very controlled way. They effectively help you with your form and technique as the machine requires you to move in a certain way. This helps prevent

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  2. Bear Grylls Teams Up With Jordan Fitness

    Bear Grylls Teams Up With Jordan Fitness

    The Bear Grylls survival race which kicks off  in August in Cambridge has officially teamed up with Jordan’s Fitness. Who is Bear Grylls? To many Bear Grylls is the face of survival and outdoor adventure. He was a soldier in the SAS where he perfected many of the skills that he teaches today.

    Bear Grylls aim has been to encourage as many people to develop their physical and mental strength by taking part in a series of challenges. The survival race will enter its second year and includes 4 events in Cambridge, Manchester, Edinburgh and London.

    What is the Survival Race?

    The Cambridge event will include jungle,

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  3. How to Get a Deltoid Workout

    How to Get a Deltoid Workout

    Where are your Deltoids? Your deltoids are in your shoulders and are actually the largest muscle there. Their job is to enable you to move your arm and shoulder

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  4. How to Isolate your Biceps

    How to Isolate your Biceps

    You’ve done curl after curl but your biceps won’t grow. What gives? You could be performing curls with sloppy form. This will hinder growth in the

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  5. Buying Guide for Dumbbells

    Buying Guide for Dumbbells

    Many people building a home gym start off with dumbbells. So how is it that one of the simplest pieces of fitness equipment can be one of the most effective?

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  6. How Can I Work My Pecs?

    How Can I Work My Pecs?

    Your chest includes some of the largest muscle groups in the upper body. The larger the muscle group, the more weight it can handle. However, be careful not to over train in your desire to build that powerful chest.

    We recently sat down with personal trainer Michael Bennett from Equinox gym in London to find out what questions clients ask him most frequently. He told me the number one question his male clients ask is how they can work (and grow!) their pecs.

    Understand Your Chest Structure

    Firstly, for workout novices, your pectorals (aka pecs) are your chest muscles. Located under the breast area in both men and women, they begin at your sternum and connect

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  7. Ideas for Building up Shoulders Effectively

    Ideas for Building up Shoulders Effectively

    Many people complain that no matter how hard they work their shoulders, they never seem to grow. The problem most people face is that they are actually doing

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