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40mm Multi Purpose Stretch Mat (Non Slip Base)

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Available in a vibrant red colour these 40mm multi purpose stretch mats are great to use in any sports or fitness facility. With a non-slip base and a slip resistance textured surface they provide a stable surface to perform stretches and exercises on. They have an easy wipe clean vinyl surface so they are perfect for clubs that need to maintain hygiene levels and clean equipment quickly.

The multi purpose stretch mats are 40mm thick, 2000m in length and 1000mm in width so they conform to international judo standards. You can lay them side by side to cover larger areas and they will have a nice tight fit. These mats are ideal for martial arts, tae kwon do, judo, karate, yoga, general exercise sessions. These mats will not let you down and provide a safe surface for users to exercise or land on.

40mm Multi Purpose Stretch Mat (Non Slip Base)

Multi Use Exercise Mat

With a wide range of exercise mats and flooring solutions, is the place to shop. We have individual mat options like this as well as full interlocking and performance flooring systems. These multi-use exercise mats are perfect for martial arts centres, judo/karate classes or will make the perfect stretching mat for your home gym or fitness centre. They are 40mm thick to help prevent injury when people are landing or being thrown on to them. They are durable and have a non slip base and surface for safe use.

Very popular with sports centres they can be used for all types of floor exercises and stretches. If you wish to check availability or want to know if they will be suitable for your facility, simply call us on 01494 956765 and we will be more than happy to help.

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