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Physical Company 30mm Rubber Weight Discs (1.25kg - 10kg)

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Build your own barbell or add to your existing pump set with these colour-coded 30mm rubber weight discs. Sold in pairs, you can choose between 1.25kg up to 10kg per weight disc meaning 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg and 20kg weight delivered to your door. The colours are red for 1.25kg discs; Purple for 2.5kg discs; Lime Green for 5kg discs and Blue for 10kg discs.

Why Choose Rubber Weight Plates?

With their 30mm (1 inch) centre hole you can use with any corresponding 30mm barbell. The weight plates themselves feature three ergonomically-designed hand holds allowing them to be used for additional exercises with weights. Finally, the rubber coating will ensure your floors are protected and also help to keep the noise levels down.

30mm rubber weight plates
30mm rubber weight plates Physical Company 30mm Rubber Weight Discs (1.25kg - 10kg) Physical Company 30mm Rubber Weight Discs (1.25kg - 10kg) Physical Company 30mm Rubber Weight Discs (1.25kg - 10kg) Physical Company 30mm Rubber Weight Discs (1.25kg - 10kg)

Coloured Rubber Weight Discs

With a 30mm hole, these weight plates are designed for studio pump sets and 30mm barbell bars for a range of exercises and workouts. Whether you choose the lightest 1.25kg pair or the 10kg pair, they come as a pair, so there's no worrying about whether you can get straight down to a workout.

As top up or additional weight plates for an existing pump set, provided it is a 30mm bar, they will fit and can be used as per normal. Their colours represent the weight, making identification all the simpler. The discs come with three carefully designed hand holds, which allows you to use them off the bar, or makes easy work adding or removing them from the bar.

Key Features

  • Available in 4 different weights
  • Sold as a pair
  • Colour coded for weight
  • 3 ergonomically placed handles as part of design
  • Can be used with any 30mm barbell bar
  • Rubber coated for safety

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